Campus Life

Student life at PGS National College of Law is created by enthusiasm, curiosity, and a willingness to discover. In other words, it is yours to create. The PGS National College of Law provide a diverse range of cultural, recreational and social activities for students at PGS National College of Law. With so many choices, students can learn new skills or Management; discover talents they never knew they had and make friendships that will create memories for a lifetime.

Life on Campus With due respect and importance to the management Revolution and being a skills institution, PGS National College of Law has taken all the steps to equip its students with all the advantages this revolution has to offer. With its help we have transformed PGS National College of Law campus into a true e-campus with a total of 50 computers connected with fiber-optic backbone networks and server-client technology. The e-campus comprises of a state-of-art Internet Centre, which remains open for 24 hours and has been connected with a 4MBPS leased line through ERNET which facilitates high-speed Internet Access and uninterrupted connectivity throughout the campus.
We take every effort to encourage our students to participate in various social, cultural and activity national & international level programs.

Our campus
Our campus boasts world-class facilities and resources for our School community of students, alumni, faculty and staff. These include:

Moot Court
We have a Moot Court Hall designed like a courtroom for the purpose of conducting Moot Court Competitions. It is compulsory for the 1st year students to participate in internal moot court competitions and thereafter for the internal selection for participating in competitions organized by other institutions and Universities.

It helps the law students in perfecting their legal analytical, research and writing skills that plasticizing attorneys must have. By participating in this process, they become more comfortable arguing in front of judges and a more confident public speaker. The Moot Court Hall is also used for conducting and judging competitions at the PGS National College  Moot Court Competitions held annually.

Class Room
PGS National College of Law has spacious and well-furnished air-conditioned classrooms with necessary instructional aids such as Over Head Projector, White boards and microphone facility for each class room and LCD Projector for effective communication and interaction with the students, to facilitate class room discussions and project presentations.

Auditorium are fully IT enabled with high-tech facilities ideal for the organization and supporting training programmes, meetings, workshops and conferences.

Lecture Hall
The Lecture Halls at the PGS National College of Law campus are outfitted with audio visual equipment allowing for clear projection and unobstructed lecturing. The Lecture Halls come in an array of sizes, so all groups are able to be accommodated. Packed with a wide selection of technological resources, the Lecture Halls set a professional and academic environment.

Eating and drinking
At PGS National College of Law, you can get anything from takeaways and quick lunches, to barbecues, to formal dinners.